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Air bubble
water curtain

Massage concepts for swimming pools - 100% made in germany

The hydro-
massage effect

fluvo® hydro-massage – simple, but pure genius: Soft, gently vibrating massage streams emerging from the swirl chamber ensure an effective, harmonious and healthy massage. These are complemented by countless tiny air bubbles, with the injector principle ensuring that air suctioning occurs automatically.

This bubble effect, in combination with vibrating water streams, generates a feeling of complete relaxation; first on the surface of the skin, followed by the muscles and, finally, directly in deep-seated layers of tissue. hydro-massage and water buoyancy give you a feeling of endless lightness – a floating sensation that will seduce you completely.

The air bubble

The secret – bubbling air. Your body floats gently in the water, thanks to the harmonious interplay of water buoyancy and the soothing power of countless air bubbles. The tingling sensation of a massage and simultaneous relaxation ensure that your body and spirit enjoy an experience of perfect harmony.

Air bubbles have a soothing and comforting effect on the skin, tissue and your nerves, promoting your circulation and targeting muscles and joints. The magic of air bubbles evaporates the stress and strain your tired body suffers – and strength, endurance and placidity return.

The water
curtain effect

Welcome to Paradise. Enter a fluvo® water curtain and close your eyes: the massaging pattering of the water curtain, the rushing in your ears, the unbelievable sense of refreshment – bathers find themselves in the centre of a tropical waterfall.

The fluvo® water curtain is a swimming pool attraction which provides fun and lifts your spirits. Its architectural design and the veil of water it creates provide the visual highlight for every pool. Decades of experience in the development and perfection of water curtain systems stand behind the perfect fluvo® curtain. Our water curtain systems are designed for private pools, for hotels and for large swimming pools.

Learn more about Hydro-massage

Moving in water promotes wellness and inner balance. Weightlessness and freedom from everyday stress help us find ourselves and stake out a new relation to our body. Body, soul, and spirit again seem as one...

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